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Our duck vagina app is live!

Believe me (partly because I wrote a book about it) zoologists need to talk more about vaginas and that time is now. You may think that you don't need a virtual reality trip through a female duck genitalia, but you'd be wrong. Just as evolution has done some pretty mind-blowing things to male anatomy (think: duck penis) it has also done some fine work on females as well (think: duck vagina). The problem is, well, female reproductive anatomy is harder to see or visualise. Partly for this reason, the vagina's role in evolution has has been dramatically overlooked by science media, who are perhaps seven times more likely to write about penises than vaginas. So, time for a question for those inv

Save the kiwi!

Great to spend the day with MY HERO Michaela Strachan this week. Together we spoke to the media about the threatened status of kiwis, supporting a campaign by Old Mout Cider to raise awareness of their plight. You can find out more about the campaign by checking out Old Mout Cider's special website here. Thanks to all involved, particularly Cow PR who organised the whole affair.

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