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This is one of a few projects we've been keeping under our hat recently, so it's with great pleasure we can talk publicly about it now -- Froglife's TOADSVR is now out on Google Play and it's free to download on Android phones! This is a simple virtual reality journey that allows users a chance to see the conservation threats facing the UK's toads from the perspective of the toads themselves. Our client was Froglife, the national wildlife charity: “We wanted the public to get more of a real feel for what is was like to be an amphibian - we wanted to shrink them down and show them the threats facing the animals we represent directly. We wanted to try something daring and a bit different. Virt

Good Morning Britain

Genuine pleasure to be on Good Morning Britain talking about the value of wasps and why... well, we should stop metaphorically (and literally) bashing them. Wasps get such a bad press - it was nice to try and get some messages out there including.... Wasps eat more than 13 million kg of prey across the UK each year - including spiders and many species, including some caterpillars, that people might consider pests. Swatting wasps can lead to stings. It's easier to waft them away with the back of the hand. If you're having a picnic and you're covered in wasps, you've already lost. Take steps earlier in the picnic to keep sugary foods and liquids covered up. That's all they want: sugar. Learn

Wilderness wind-down (and festival love-in)

Hey folks, this is a personal post from me (Jules). I am on a romantic downer* after compering at Wilderness Festival on behalf of one of my publishers, Bloomsbury Sigma. We spent the afternoon talking about all sorts on stage including sex robots, fish noises and why some mammals have two holes downstairs and some have three, which is actually very interesting. Thank you to all involved and, particularly the very excellent authors Kate Devlin, Helen Scales, Liam Drew, and Jack Lewis. This has been a big year for me both talking and compering at festivals, so I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to other organisations and event-makers who I have had the pleasure of working with. THIS YEAR

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