Jules's festival appearances in 2019

Hey folks, this is just a quick one to announce the festivals I'll be taking part in during 2019.

Confirmed events include:

Edinburgh International Science Festival, 6th - 21st of April.

Cheltenham Science Festival, 4th - 9th of June.

Bluedot Festival, 18th - 21st of July.

Wilderness Festival, 2nd - 5th of August.

Norwich Science Festival, 21st - 22nd of October.

HOLD-THE-PHONE ... almost confirmed.

Hampton Court Flower Festival, Monday 1st - 7th of June.

Green Man Festival, 16th - 18th of August.

For these festival I'll be offering up workshops and talks about bones, fossils and amber; plus compering and hosting on such topics such as ocean clean-ups, Jurassic Park, the ins-and-outs of show sharks are portrayed in films and, of course. animal genitalia.

If you're attending any of these events, come and say hello!

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