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From stoned sloths to farting fish...

Now back in the swing of it after a laughter-packed night at London Zoo. The event last Thursday, called From stoned sloths to farting fish: comical tales from the animal kingdom featured myself, Lucy Cooke (broadcaster and author of The Unexpected Truth about Animals); Dani Rabaiotti (author of Does it Fart?) and Darren Naish, author and host of the Tetrapod Zoology podcast among a great deal else. Some lovely questions from the audience and I got to take the Duck Vagina VR model out of its box for a spin, so to speak, which always gives me great pleasure.

Thanks to all who came and made it so special! And special thanks to Dani Rabaiotti for doing such a great job of organising everything!

Stage-wise, my next outing is An evening of unnecessary detail on Tuesday 29th of November to talk more about three-dimensional female reproductive anatomy, obvs. Be great to see you there perhaps!

- Jules

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