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Get ready for the #pondplaylist

This is a tough time to be an invertebrate. Currently, millions of species are likely to be declining at a rate that far exceeds their background rate of extinction. Though more nuanced than the media sometimes suggests ("GET READY FOR THE INSECTAGEDDON!"), insects and their invertebrate allies really do appear to be in genuine trouble. So what can we do? Well, one thing we could do all consider is a pond. If more of us made space for clean freshwater pond in our backyards and urban spaces, we could support healthier and more resilient populations of freshwater invertebrates, in turn bolstering the populations of amphibians, reptiles and mammals (including bats) that depend upon them for foo

Jules's festival appearances in 2019

Hey folks, this is just a quick one to announce the festivals I'll be taking part in during 2019. Confirmed events include: Edinburgh International Science Festival, 6th - 21st of April. Cheltenham Science Festival, 4th - 9th of June. Bluedot Festival, 18th - 21st of July. Wilderness Festival, 2nd - 5th of August. Norwich Science Festival, 21st - 22nd of October. HOLD-THE-PHONE ... almost confirmed. Hampton Court Flower Festival, Monday 1st - 7th of June. Green Man Festival, 16th - 18th of August. For these festival I'll be offering up workshops and talks about bones, fossils and amber; plus compering and hosting on such topics such as ocean clean-ups, Jurassic Park, the ins-and-outs of show

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