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This is one of a few projects we've been keeping under our hat recently, so it's with great pleasure we can talk publicly about it now -- Froglife's TOADSVR is now out on Google Play and it's free to download on Android phones!

This is a simple virtual reality journey that allows users a chance to see the conservation threats facing the UK's toads from the perspective of the toads themselves.

Our client was Froglife, the national wildlife charity:

“We wanted the public to get more of a real feel for what is was like to be an amphibian - we wanted to shrink them down and show them the threats facing the animals we represent directly. We wanted to try something daring and a bit different. Virtual reality seemed like the best mechanism to allow us to do this.” -

Froglife's Chief Executive, Kathy Wormald.

“So far, our expectations have been wildly over-exceeded and feedback has been universally positive."

You can download the free Android app here. If you have never used VR on your phone, you will need a Google Cardboard headset to slot your phone into. These can cost as little as £5 and they're brilliant - here's some samples you can buy. Users simply plug their phone into a VR headset and off they go...

TRY IT NOW! If you like it, please give TOADSVR a really good rating and tell everyone you know on social media!

Thanks all, Jules

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