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Our duck vagina app is live!

Believe me (partly because I wrote a book about it) zoologists need to talk more about vaginas and that time is now. You may think that you don't need a virtual reality trip through a female duck genitalia, but you'd be wrong.

Just as evolution has done some pretty mind-blowing things to male anatomy (think: duck penis) it has also done some fine work on females as well (think: duck vagina). The problem is, well, female reproductive anatomy is harder to see or visualise. Partly for this reason, the vagina's role in evolution has has been dramatically overlooked by science media, who are perhaps seven times more likely to write about penises than vaginas.

So, time for a question for those involved in science communication. The question is: how can we better inform the public about just how incredible female reproductive anatomy is? This is a question that the evolutionary biologist Professor Patricia Brennan and I talked over via Twitter about a year ago. We came up with the idea of a VR "ride" through a duck vagina. Patricia kindly gave me a 3D scan of a duck vagina which I could use and off we went on our digital journey.

A year later, our free educational product is born. VR Duck Genitalia Explorer is ready to download. This Android app is completely free and can be obtained through Google Play. Remember, you'll need Google Cardboard or similar to slot your phone into to make the VR work.

I had a bit of a rant about this on Twitter (which you can see here) but please, if you love this app or what we're trying to do, tell others and help raise awareness of this free resource created purely out of love ( / despair).


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