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Living with false-widow spiders - our latest app is now live

Our latest Android app is live and available through Google Play. It's called LIVING WITH FALSE-WIDOWS.

We wanted to make a simple exhibit-like app that provides users with some simple information about the threat surrounding false-widow spiders in the UK. As you may know, newspapers have a flair for up-playing the threat these spiders pose. This unnecessary hysteria has caused more than 10 schools to temporarily close to date. In reality, these spiders are no more dangerous than a water boatman. In fact, false-widow spiders are rather solitary and keep themselves to themselves.

In the app, users travel through a old, dusty shed, learning facts about these spiders, before being told about how to minimise risk of ever being bitten. Our aim is to encourage users to consider risk rather than threat. It's cheap (read: free) and cheerful but we hope it'll provide a useful resource to some. Download it here.

If you like it, please do tell others about it on social media! Cheers, Jules

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