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Good Morning Britain

Genuine pleasure to be on Good Morning Britain talking about the value of wasps and why... well, we should stop metaphorically (and literally) bashing them. Wasps get such a bad press - it was nice to try and get some messages out there including....

  • Wasps eat more than 13 million kg of prey across the UK each year - including spiders and many species, including some caterpillars, that people might consider pests.

  • Swatting wasps can lead to stings. It's easier to waft them away with the back of the hand.

  • If you're having a picnic and you're covered in wasps, you've already lost. Take steps earlier in the picnic to keep sugary foods and liquids covered up. That's all they want: sugar.

  • Learn to love 'em - they've been around 100 million years. This is their world, we just live in it.

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