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EVOLVE! Live at Hampton Court Flower Show

AND BREATH.... Ok, pleased to report we're fresh back from the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show where we teamed up with garden designers to create a walk-through exhibition about the geological history and evolution of plants. Dotted around the exhibition were some familiar fossils including our beautiful replica of Ichthyosaurus breviceps.

During the week, Jules and team were on hand to provide hands-on fossil digs and amber workshops to members of the public. Over seven days, we talked to more than 20,000 people about the science of palaeontology and found over two thousands insects trapped forever in one million-year-old copal amber. This was hands-on science communication at its best and we hope we inspired a few younger fossil-hunters (and older ones too).

Thanks to all involved, particularly the RHS who were.... well, a pleasure to work with!

Let's do it again sometime!

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