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Frog mating in VR

Been a really late year for our frogs this year. Normally they spawn on International Women's Day (beautiful) but this year the late ice and snow seems to have set them back. This means that, ALAS, I'm yet to gaze at real-life frogspawn, the extraordinary substance that hints at an age before animals evolved eggshells.

Thankfully, if you haven't seen the tapioca-like stuff yet this year, there is a solution. I've just finished working on a project working with Guardian VR which puts you, the viewer, right in the middle of some pretty intense frog sex action. If you haven't tried VR or 360-video yet, let me implore you to do so now. THE 360-VIDEO IS HERE.

And if you're working on a VR project then do give me a shout!

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