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Science Festivals in 2018

Just a quick note to say that our public events continue. Here are two more just added.

On Tuesday 13th of February, Jules will be at Brighton Science Festival, considering natural selection and ... MONSTERS THAT MIGHT BE, in a special adaptation of his popular fossils show. More here...

And other events? Well, on April 3rd, Jules will be at Edinburgh International Science Festival considering the future evolution of various members of the Planet Earth club. And there's more. As well as performing two family shows, Jules will also be chairing a panel of zoologists in an evening event that will consider the creatures that are already evolving in response to humankind's actions. More information (and ticket information) will be added in due course.

As with the last few years, Jules will also have a presence at Cheltenham Science Festival in June. Plus there's some other bits and bobs, including something brewing in the US. More on these soon.

Come and say hi!

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