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Do you have a VR project for us?

As a method of communicating complex scientific information, Virtual Reality (VR) technology is now surprisingly accessible and ripe with potential. For science communicators, it's an exciting technology. Users can change perspective, seeing otherwise hidden creatures like invertebrates in new ways for instance; or users can access objects in 3D, like rare fossils, that they would never normally be allowed to see up-close. Plus, heck, it's fun!

In the past year I've been using the software package Unity to build 3D experiences and Android apps for use by schools and exhibition visitors, to communicate scientific messages in novel ways, including those outlined above. This year, my clients have included Great Ormond Street Hospital School and the national wildlife charity, Froglife. In 2018, this work will continue as I expand my client list (and my development team) to offer services for museums and academic institutions in the UK and the USA.

At this time, I'm particularly interested in hearing from organisations and individuals eager to pursue the use of VR for environmental, scientific or social-change messaging means. Get in touch for a chat or a meeting, or a demonstration of the technology, anytime.

Have a nice Monday!

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