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Great Ormond Street turns... 360

Readers, you know me. You know I'm quite awful at self-promotion but this one requires it because I put a lot of work into something that I think could really help young people. I'm talking, of course, about my series of 360 videos...

Great Ormond Street Hospital School is the latest to sign-up for 360SCIENCEtutor, an app that allows users access to free virtual field-trips to a host of UK sites, via a series of 360/VR videos.

The videos cover 12 curriculum topics including fossils, evolution, life-cycles and foodchains and sites include the Jurassic Coast, Natural History Museum (London) and Cheddar Gorge. They're presented and produced by me and it was LORRA FUN being in charge, let me tell you.

The app (which requires a 360/VR handset for a mobile phone) is free for Android users. You can download it here.

If you'd like to talk further about our use of VR/360 technology, including making educational videos in 360 for your desired audience, please make contact with me! I'm nothing like the scary photos on my website!*


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