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Praise for Wonderdog

'Howard does a masterful job blending the latest science with doses of common sense as he covers what we know and still need to know to give dogs the best lives possible. Wonderdog is a must-read.' ― Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado, author of 'Canine Confidential: Why Dogs Do What They Do' 

'Wonderdog offers readers a whirlwind tour of 150 years of research on the minds and behavior of man's best friend. From Darwin and Pavlov to the latest research in canine science, Wonderdog reflects first-rate scholarship yet reads like a detective novel. This book puts Jules Howard in the top ranks of contemporary science writers.' ― Hal Herzog, author of 'Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It’s So Hard to Think Straight About Animals'

'Howard's portrayals of the villains and heroes in the research world of the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries makes for fascinating reading [...] his transformed view of love is a fitting end to an account describing the arc of dog research as bending towards just treatment for dogs.' ― Barbara J. King, anthropologist and author of 'Animals' Best Friends'

'Wonderdog is a paean to these clever, flexible, charming animals who sit and walk alongside us -- and also a humane, thoughtful consideration of the science using and about dogs. You'll want to read it with a dog by your side, so you can regularly turn to them admiringly and tickle their ears.' ― Alexandra Horowitz, professor and bestselling author of 'Inside of a Dog'

'A fresh and vibrant account of what we’ve learned about dogs from Darwin to today. With a cast of familiar and almost-forgotten characters, Wonderdog tells us why dogs do the things they do – and what it tells us about ourselves. Full of compassion and intrigue, this is scientific storytelling at its very best.'  ― Zazie Todd, author of 'Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy'

'A wonderful book! I loved it. Informative and engaging.' ― Virginia Morrell, author of 'Animal Wise'

'An informative homage to dogs and to the scientists who have tried to get to the bottom of dog psychology' -- Ysenda Maxine Graham ― Daily Mail

'Amusing and enlightening [...] It's a celebration of "a vibrant and engaging era in the history of animal science" and a love-letter to man's best friend.' -- Mark Whitley ― Countryman

'Zoologist Howard (Death on Earth) enlists the help of veterinary professionals, psychologists, ethologists, neurologists, historians, and others in this eclectic history of dogs [...] Howard peppers in charming stories of his own childhood dog, Biff, giving the survey equal parts heft and heart: 'We had all the hallmarks of love for one another, Biff and I.' This is just the thing for dog lovers.' ― Publishers Weekly

'A solid study on man’s best friend that can be enjoyed by the casual reader or the historian alike, with an exceptional balance of entertainment and educational value.' — Library Journal

'Heartwarming...' -- Kevin Maher ― The Times 

'Profound...' -- Zoe Williams ― The Guardian

'This insightful historical account of the study of canine minds is essentially a love letter to science, through the good times and the bad [...] Engagingly written, 'Wonderdog' is a refreshing celebration of dogs' minds.' ― Your Dog


A brilliant history of how we came to know our best friends better - the trials and tribulations, the highs and lows. Jules Howard reveals how we came to know dogs better and how that's helped us understand ourselves.' ― Professor Alice Roberts, biological anthropologist, broadcaster and author of 'Ancestors'

‘Jules Howard is one of my favourite science writers and he’s on top form with Wonderdog. This history of canine science is meticulously researched  and brimming with insight. A must-read for any dog lover with a scientific head’ ― Lucy Cooke, TV Presenter and author of 'BITCH: A Revolutionary Guide to Sex, Evolution and the Female Animal'

'Full of insight and brilliantly researched, Wonderdog is a delightful read and a fascinating look at how much more there is to learn from man's best friend.' ― Kate MacDougall, author of 'London’s No. 1 Dog Walking Agency' 

'With Wonderdog, Jules Howard explores the highs and the lows of science's sometimes troubled relationship with the domesticated wolf with which we share our homes and lives. With his characteristic lightness of touch, Howard takes us on journey of discovery that will leave no dog lover unmoved and no dog hater unconverted. A splendid, entertaining and hugely informative read!' ― Professor Adam Hart, scientist, broadcaster

'The book about dogs I never knew I needed, full of answers to questions I never thought to ask. A fascinating and eye-opening read for anyone that has ever loved a dog. ― Dr Jess French, veterinarian, zoologist, broadcaster and author of 'Puppy Talk'

'Turning wolves into dogs took knowledge, insight and a few cheeky treats along the way. This book contains all three and is the perfect companion to any dog lover.' ― Professor Ben Garrod, evolutionary biologist, primatologist and broadcaster 

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