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Reflection in a Pond

Clipston Frogwatch

Hello Clipston residents! 

Some of you will know that I rather like frogs! This is partly because they're so weird and quirky but also because frogs are brilliant indicators of how local environments are doing. If there's lots of them, that's good - it means there is plenty of invertebrates and the local ecosystem is ticking over nicely. If there are fewer of them, over the years, that's very bad. It hints that invertebrates are doing poorly and something may be going wrong locally.

To find out more about the fortunes of the village's frogs, and track them year-on-year, I have devised this Clipston frog survey. I hope to continue it for many years. 

SEEN FROGSPAWN? Here's what I need from you!

Please fill in this online form and let me know where you saw frogspawn and how many blobs of frogspawn you saw? If you aren't sure how many blobs you've seen (sometimes it turns into a big mass of slime!) feel free to email a photo to me via email:

Thanks for submitting!
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