Palaeolab app is now

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To help those who are having to home-school during the COVID-19 pandemic, I am now waiving the £20 fee for my Palaeolab learning app. This popular Windows app has lots of information on dinosaurs and fossil science and fits alongside the KS2 and KS3 science curriculum. A simple question resource pack is available to download here, which tests pupil reading comprehension whilst using the app. Download the PalaeoLab App for free from Microsoft Store here.


Come and discover the extinct creatures of a forgotten Earth. It's time to explore taxonomy in a whole new light...

Prehistoric Creatures of the Order is Jules's eighth book. Signed gift copies are available through our online shop.


Find out more about the plight of toads in the UK with this virtual reality app created for our clients, Froglife. The app is a light-weight version of a larger pop-up VR experience that, in 2020, will feature in a number of London tube stations.

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