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March madness

What is it they say? March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb? Well, for us, it's been the exactly that. March has come in like a snarling great lion with a penchant for beautiful books that need completion very, very soon. Of course, we're happy (and very honoured) to oblige.

On that note, we're pleased to announce the following commissions, all of which will be out later in the year if all goes well.

Prehistoric Creatures of the Order (20 Watt)

Bones (20 Watt)

Plus! There will be a couple more secret projects soon to add to the other exciting book projects on the go at the moment - read about them here...

ALSO: Creatures of the Order (20 Watt) - out in June 2018! Here's a glimpse (right) - gorgeous illustrations by the wonderful Kelsey Oseid.

[LOUD HAILER] Though we're stacked up now, we're currently looking for new book commissions that will begin period September to December 2018. Be lovely to hear from you, Jules x Here's to lambs. x

P.S. Some thanks overdue after recent events. Thanks to Cheltenham Science Festival and FameLab for allowing us to train up the latest batch of science communication contestants for their epic (and I really mean that) FameLab Academy. (Young people know so much more than we did at their age. Let's never forget that). Looking forward to the final! Also thanks to Brighton Science Festival for having me with my FUTURE BEASTS show last month. Next stop, Edinburgh International Science Festival and then Cheltenham Science Festival in June!)

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