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Creatures of the Order

Who says taxonomy is boring? Not me, that's for dang sure. Taxonomy is great. Like librarians, taxonomists do all sorts of things to help us better understand the branches and twigs of life's family tree to which we, like it or not, are attached.

I have been delighted to have been working with the publisher Weldon Owen (part of the Bonnier group) on their upcoming book Creatures of the Order which will be sold internationally in October 2017. It's a way to encourage young readers to consider animals as family groups, arranged through the branching tree that evolution by natural selection creates.

Featuring GORGEOUS artwork from the illustrator Kelsey Oseid, the book charts more than 15 taxonomic orders, highlighting the evolutionary history and the unique charisma of each one. It is nothing short of BEAUTIFUL.

There's early murmurs that this will be a continuing partnership, and that other books may follow. Will keep you posted, of course. Thanks to Jim Martin at Bloomsbury for connecting me with Weldon Owen.

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