PLEASE NOTE: Sadly this book cannot be delivered to non-UK destinations!

A year ago, there was Creatures of the Order, an animal book that charted the great taxonomic orders of life on Earth. This year, we did a sequel! Prehistoric Creatures of the Order is a book which explores the often over-looked extinct residents of planet Earth. As well as dinosaurs, there's orders like the ichythyosaurs, the plesiosaurs and the mysterious microsaurs and amphibious temnospondyls. As with the previous Creatures, illustrator Kelsey Oseid is back - her illustrations and style are just... wow! The book was a total joy to curate and features many animals whose fossils have only this year been discovered. It was a labour of love and, well, I love it. I hope you do too.


This book would suit any -literally all- dinosaur obsessed young people. I hope it inspires many palaeontologists!


Prehistoric Creatures of the Order