With a narrative featuring a fish with a fake eye, the oldest animal in the world, the immortal jellyfish and some of the world's top death-investigating biologists, Death on Earth explores the never-ending cycle of death and the impact death has on the living, and muses on how evolution and death affect us every single day. Why are we so weird about death? Where does this fear come from? Why are we so afraid of ageing? And how might knowledge of ageing in other animals help us live better lives, free of the diseases of old age?


"Refreshingly self-aware" - National Geographic

"Eye-opening, engaging and enjoyably humorous." - Science

"Self-deprecating charm and genuine enthusiasm..." - Boston Globe

"Funny and clever... a genuine pleasure." - Discover

"Raised on Far Side cartoons and essays by Stephen J Gould, Howard has written with Bill Bryson-like wit..." - Natural History Magazine (US).

"...does not disappoint." -  The Guardian

"Joyous stuff..." - Daily Mail


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Death on Earth

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